Brief descriptionof St. Stephen’sPrimary School

In the1950s, the development and the increased number of children required a construction of a new school, in the region of New-Hatvan. In August 1959 the building was ready and after the successful technical delivery 24 teachers and 614 students started the first school year in Primary School Number 4. Teaching tools of the school increased gradually. The pioneerlifewas very active andvaried.

In the 1960s,foreign language teaching was started in specialized classes. In the late 1970s all-day school education was introduced in lower classes. They are still determining factors in the operation of the school. In 1984 eight classrooms, one gymnasium, changing rooms, rooms for school equipments, anew kitchen and a school canteen joined the school.

The school-history exhibition, which provided opportunity to go back to the past 40 years from the foundation, was opened in 1999. Next year our school was named after King St. Stephen on the name-giving ceremony on 8th January 2000. He was the founder of theKingdomof Hungaryand Hungarian church organization.

The students of St. Stephen’s Primary School study in 16 classes. Our staff consists of 31 well-qualified teachers. 11 administrativeand technical staff helps their work in the school.

Our school provides all-day schooleducation for the first and second-grade students. Traditionally our school is specialized in teaching foreign languages. On the basis of that, over the years, our school has developed good school-twinning relationships with schools in Romania, Polandand Germany. The favourable material conditions give background to sporting activities.

Due to the changes of the Hungarianpublic education, the municipal educational institutions are maintained by the state-run on 1st January 2013.This also applies to theSt. Stephen’sPrimary School in Hatvan.

Our connections:

Mailing address: Szent István Általános Iskola; 3000 Hatvan, Bajcsy-Zs. út 8.

Phone : +36/37/341-875

Fax: +36/37/349-222

E-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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